• Phasing out through attrition and/or Banning GOOD STRS
  • Requiring owner occupancy (home-sharing)
  • Overly restrictive occupancy limits
  • Increasing permit fees
  • Harassment of STR owners, operators, or tenants directly by neighbors or through false complaints
  • "Taking" the right to operate an STR away for which owners trusted and relied upon the city’s allowance of Short Term Rental operation when purchasing

  • 6/29/16 - ALL ARA MEMBERS REQUIRED TO ATTEND City Council Meeting!
  • 2/23/16 - City Council Meeting to review and possibly vote on STR ordinance changes -  PLEASE ATTEND!
  • 2/9/16 - City Council Meeting
  • 2/6/16 - Orange County breaks tourism record with 47 million visitors in 2015...Read more
  • 2/4/16 - ARA Meeting
  • 2/1/16 - Final City STR Advisory Committee Meeting
  • 1/19/16 - 2nd City STR Advisory Committee Meeting
  • 1/7/16 - 1st City STR Advisory Committee Meeting
  • 12/25/15 - 1/1/16 - Enjoy the Holidays with your Family!
  • 12/9/15 - City of Anaheim elects 3 ARA Board Members to participate in City STR Advisory Committee / Task Force

The TRUTH About STRs



Anaheim Rental Alliance (ARA) members are responsible short-term rental owners and operators striving for cooperation between its members, our neighbors, and the City.  

We support common sense regulation, fair enforcement, a commitment to neighborhood compatibility, and the preservation of property rights.​  Read more...

SAVE Short-

term rentals

  • STR owners CARE about the community.  We have families and neighbors too
  • STRs are SAFE and overwhelmingly accommodate friendly tenants who almost exclusively consist of groups of families and friends
  • STR operators in Anaheim have one of the highest permit compliance rates in the nation are committed to adhering to all rules and regulations
  • STRs increase ALL Anaheim home values - a rising tide lifts all boats
  • STRs in Anaheim generate millions of dollars in local taxes annually which should be re-invested into local neighborhoods and schools 
  • STRs are an expected and desired accommodation option for current and future generations of traveling families of which many no longer consider a hotel as a viable alternative

  • STR Owners use of best practices to create vacation homes in which guests can enjoy all that a home can offer while mitigating negative impacts on the neighborhoods
  • Strict penalties for STR owners/operators who knowingly violate rules and negatively impact Anaheim neighborhoods
  • BANNING "BAD" STRS that leave a negative impression on GOOD STRS
  • Good Neighbor Policies
  • Sustainable noise abatement policy
  • Reasonably defining and restricting future "mansionization" (overbuilding a home)
  • Density/Proximity requirements for new permits
  • Strict but even-handed code enforcement
  • A neighborhood compatible yet economically feasible revision to maximum occupancy limits 
  • Reinvesting STR Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) into neighborhoods where STRs are located including nearby schools
  • Preservation existing property rights 
  • Preserving all Anaheim resort area home values, NOT just STRs, by allowing STR permits to transfer to a new owner
  • The original Anaheim STR Ordinance while recognizing the need for limited revisions addressing valid neighbor concerns

ARA News & Events

**ATTN STR Operators**


Examples:  Any Code enforcement or Police requests to visit or inspect property, any City request, any threats, harrassment, damage, tresspassing, photography or videotaping by anyone against you, your guest, your property, HOA related incidents, etc.  Click for more details...