about the anaheim rental alliance

The mission of the Anaheim Rental Alliance is to promote and support short-term rentals as a necessary and important part of Anaheim's tourism, while fostering community compatibility, regulatory fairness, and the preservation of property rights.  

The ARA aims to achieve our mission by:

  1. Acting as a liaison between the City of Anaheim, short-term rental operators, and Anaheim residents
  2. Encouraging and promoting best practices for short-term rental operators 
  3. Supporting and working with the city in developing and implementing common-sense regulations


The ARA was founded in 2013 by a handful of STR owners, some of whom include long term Anaheim residents.  Since its founding the ARA has become the leader of short term rental advocacy within the city of Anaheim.  Check back soon for an in-depth look at where we started and how far we've come!