1. Letter TO Guests requesting them to write to City Council Members
  2. Letter FROM Guest to City Council Members
  3. Letter FROM Neighbors to send to City Council Members
  4. Letter FROM Service Providers (i.e. cleaner, pool man, landscaper) to send to City Council

STR Owner / Operator / Supporter  Resources

Email Your Comments City Planning: strcomments@anaheim.net

Email Your Letters to City Council Members:

  • Mayor Tom Tait - ttait@anaheim.net
  • Chief of Staff Mishal Montgomery - mmont@anaheim.net
  • Mayor Pro Tem Lucille Kring - lkring@anaheim.net
  • Kris Murray - kmurray@anaheim.net
  • James Vanderbilt - jvanderbilt@anaheim.net
  • Jordan Brandman - jbrandman@anaheim.net

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